Romania Could Hit 50.000 Daily COVID-19 Cases in Two Weeks

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According to local healthcare group MedLife, the daily number of new COVID-19 cases in Romania could reach 50,000 in two weeks as the highly transmissible variant of Omicron spreads across the country. Following the weekly prescreening evaluation of COVID-19 positive samples, MedLife identified 137 suspected cases of Omicron infection out of 175 samples tested. According to representatives of the group, the number of suspected cases has more than doubled in just one week.

“The number of suspicions is more than double (from 35% in the group evaluated last week to 78% in the group studied this week) which confirms, once again, the high transmissibility rate of the new variant. Suspected cases are from: Cluj – 68, Bucharest – 37, Timis – 22 and Brasov – 10. These should be sequenced over the next week for firm confirmation,” reads the MedLife study published on January 8.

“Two weeks ago we had no suspicion of infection with the Omicron variant on the batch analyzed at that time, last week more than a third of the samples were suspected and then confirmed by sequencing, and now we have reached almost 80% of the samples with probability of Omicron infection,” said Dumitru Jardan, biologist and doctor of medical sciences, and scientific coordinator of the follow-up study led by MedLife.

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Author : Paul Lesouef

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