Vocal Symphonic Concert “Colinde… Colinde” As a Part of the Romanian Experience

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Choir “Armonia” and the chamber music bands of Liceul de arte “Sabin Păuta” in Reșița had a concert “Colinde…Colinde”. This last concert of 2021 was dedicated to Christmas full of great selection of carols and thematic songs.

It was a well-organized and splendid concert including different carols performed by choir, orchestra together with chamber music. You could see how muchhard work, efforts, rehearsals and common dedication were done in the period of several months. You have to give it to the professors that have supported all of the performances. Their professionalism and mentorship, detailed supervision have led to such a powerful concert of a high level.

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I always loved singing and had studied in music school and sangin choirs back in Russia and USA.So, for me it is really amazing to have a chance to fulfill my Romanian experience with one of my passions. Moreover, getting to be a part ofmaking this little Christmas fairytale, being in the center of magic mood – it is something special which fills you up with emotions of another level.

Personally, I enjoyed singing and preparing for this concert. You feel a part of the community, I felt as if I am back in school, but back in the good times of it. Some of the songs had those really powerful moments – when all the parties were singing and playing together, I could feel this enormous force and energy of voices, music and acoustics.I loved singing Romanian Christmas carols, such as “O, Ce Veste Muninata” and “Domn din cer” – some of them I have never heard and obviously had no idea what the words meant. After this, during Christmas I could recognize them when kids and youngsters would do their caroling walks. It felt like a small victory, like I’m becoming more and more attached with Romania, not being just a guest in this country.

This kind of moments are quite precious and inspiring. But you have to remember that every memorable experience is always about interaction and good people around. Being around new colleagues and getting to know more local Romanians is a game changer for me. I have even started picking up Romanian words much faster, you fill engagedand absorbed in the community, living up to the fullest your experience in different country.

My personal advice and moral of this story – do not be afraid to get involved in things and new experiences, it doesn’t matter where you really are – are you being in your home country or somewhere abroad – try something new, something you would like to learn or something that inspires you. It can make you feel amazing and more than that, you learn something for yourself. Life is about learning and experiencing, so do not miss out on that.

Photo: Evan Voinea

Autor: Anastasia Zhmankova

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