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Meanwhile it is a Unification day on 24th of January in Romania, this date is also dedicated to an International Day of Education worldwide. This day, especially in 2022, is supposed to mark a new direction and goals in education field as a “Changing Course, Transforming Education”. Proposed by the UNESCO International Commission on the Futures of Education, this new initiative is an urgent need to provide quality education as a means of sustainable collective futures.

Education is a human right that has to be accessible to everyone. Without equitable quality education, there is no way to achieve Sustainable Development goals applied by UN, to reorganize the world’s situation of inequality and poverty.

Around 258 million children still do not have access to schools and education, most of them are girls. 617 million children cannot read or do basic math, not even mentioning youth refugees that are being out of schools. Having an access to education plays an important social and development and role in the foundation and becoming of a person.

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Nevertheless, the expansion of access to education since it was applied as a human right is enormous. According to the International Commission on the Futures of Education report “Reimagining our futures together. A new social contract for education”, since 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, level of people attending the schools has raised up to 40 % – enrollment in 2020 surpassed 90% in primary, 85% in lower secondary and 65% in upper-secondary education.

I believe one of the other extremely important aspects in providing the education is to find professional and passionate teachers that are ready to take children through this journey of having passion and desire to continuouslystudy, throughout their lives. Even though we all grow older, we need to develop ourselves in order to find happiness from discovering new things, getting richer with knowledge and sharing it later with the fellow people.

I have discussed this topic with my French teacher Alina Samotokhina who is always there to help me learn the language in a proper way, that is applicable for mepersonally. She says: “The importance of accessible education is hard to overestimate. Educated people lead their society to prosperity and cultural development. Onone hand, raising intelligent, broad-minded and curious people all over the world is a giant step to equality and peace.On the other hand, thanks to the education every person can find his/her way in life, realize dreams and achieve success no matter where he or she was born. None of the above would be possible without education.”

You can support this day by joining the #LearningPlanetFestival. It is ongoing from 22 to 29th January opening the opportunities to listen to experts and ambassadors in the field of education for free. Do not hesitate and access the link below to get acquainted:

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