Cleaning action in Resita

voluntari nevo gunoi (1)

This week, volunteers from the NevoParudimos association initiated a project to clean Resita and its surroundings. Volunteers from the association, more used to working with children in relation with local schools, reconverted themselves temporarily as garbage collectors.

Indeed, due to the closing of the schools, the association undergoes measures taken by the government. The volunteers, present as part of “European Solidarity Corps” went suddenly without project and had to renew their attendance.


Ilknur, volunteer coming from Turkey, said about this cleaning action: „obvious, the forests, the borders of rivers and lakes are full of garbage. This is so bad for the environment, animals and soil. Also, a place without garbage is always better, isn’t it ?”

This handful of people who are motivated to be useful for the society invite the local population to take care of the city in “avoiding to throw garbage on the ground, pick up them from the street, using the street bin. This is free and that makes the area better for everyone.”

voluntari nevo gunoi (2)

Autor: Paul Lesouef