The Impact of This Holiday on Students From Highschool

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Since the last week of October, students from highschools have been on holiday. They are concerned about what’s going on for them in the future. Many of them dread a comeback to an online class. We asked some of the students and a teacher for their opinions about this situation.

What impact have these holidays on the education of the students? Globally, they’re afraid of not being prepared for the final exam, mainly for students in the 12th grade. Except for few of them, as Raluca Marinescu, student at Colegiul National „Traian Lalescu”: “I believe that even if we have holidays or not, we can study for our future.”

To stay active during these two weeks of holiday, they mainly enjoyed this moment and worked on their studies, but less than as they were in class. It was also a time for them to relax and spend time with their family and friends.

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For Gabriela Marinescu, French teacher at Colegiul Economic al Banatului Montan, it’s a difficult but necessary situation for the students. She disagreed with the decision of two free weeks for the students because they are not able to learn at all. For this teacher, attending online classes could be a better solution because this virus is very dangerous and the best thing to do is to stay isolated. Now, the students are used to online classes so that’s not a problem.

Autor: Paul Lesouef