Mother’s Day is celebrated differently in different countries of the world

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Mother’s Day in Georgia is March 3. It was appointed by the first president of the country Zviad Gamsakhurdia. Mother’s Day should have been replaced by International Women’s Day – March 8, but it is still celebrated separately. March 3 is an official holiday. The country celebrates the holiday with various events. Traditionally, children give flowers, postcards or symbolic gifts to their mothers.

The United States is considered to be the motherland of Mother’s Day. The first attempt to celebrate this day was made in 1972. Activist Julia Wards expressed a desire for a holiday that would unite all mothers in the struggle for peace. Citizen Anna Javis, who is considered one of the founders of this day, began writing official letters to officials urging her to establish Mother’s Day, but her efforts were successful in 1910, when she first celebrated Mother’s Day in Virginia. Then the holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. Mother’s Day is celebrated in America with great enthusiasm. People especially appreciate and emphasize the need for a mother in their lives and thank them for their selfless, unconditional love and support. Mother’s Day is the biggest holiday in America after Christmas and Valentine’s. At this time telephone lines are overloaded, card sales are peaking and restaurants are operating at full capacity. Mother’s day traditions mostly include breakfast in bed, a bouquet of flowers, postcards or a gift, and an invitation to dinner.

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In Germany, this holiday was founded in 1923, and has been celebrated as a state holiday since 1933. The foundation was laid by the Union of Florists. Its purpose was to honor mothers who participated in World War I. Once a year, in the second week of May, German mothers called the so-called “Muttertag” is celebrated on Mother’s Day.

In France, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May. Traditionally, a family dinner is held on this day, and mothers receive a flower bouquet-shaped cake as a gift. Talking and honoring the special role of the mother in France still dates back to the era of Napoleon Bonaparte, and since 1950 Mother’s Day – La Fete de Meres – was officially created.

Every year in May, Brazil celebrates Mother’s Day – Dia das Mães. Most families in Brazil have more than three children, so it is easy to imagine how large and emotionally this day is celebrated. Traditionally, family members gather together on this holiday, and special events dedicated to this day are held in schools.

Author: Tebea Jikidze

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