Powerful women from Romanian history

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The month of March is beautiful for a few reasons. It is the beginning of spring when all nature is getting up from winter‘s sleep. Another reason, in 8th of March we are celebrating women‘s day. Not even that, the whole month is dedicated to women‘s history. Romania has an interesting history, but because of this occasion this time I will share stories of the lives of few historical Romanian Women.

The brave Ecaterina Teodoroiu

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Ecaterina Teodoroiu, at Girls’ School in Bucharest where she was studying, she joined the first female Romanian Scout troop. In 1916 the Kingdom of Romania entered World War I, on the side of the Allies. At that moment Ecaterina was working as a nurse. She asked to join the civilians and the reserve soldiers. It was not enough for her, so a little bit later she asked to allow her to join the 18th Infantry Regiment as a volunteer. E. Teodoroiu proved her military skills and joined the war. Unfortunately, she died in 1916 after being hit by a gun in the chest. But, until the last moment, she was determined to fight for her country

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The brain surgeon Sofia Ionescu

Sofia‘s choice to become a surgeon was impacted by her best friend’s father, who was a doctor, and her school friend‘s death due to an infection after brain surgery. Supported by her mother, she started medicine studies. Sofia‘s first operations were mostly amputations. But, in 1944, during the war, she was forced to perform emergency brain surgery on a child. The surgery was successful, and she became the first female doctor who perform brain surgery.

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The world‘s first female forestry engineer Aurora Gruescu

Aurora Gruescu started to show an interest in forestry at a very young age. However, her parents wanted her to study medicine. She didn’t feel any interest in medicine, so she left the program and enrolled in the forestry faculty. Aurora was very passionate about her work. this received attention from international organizations. She became an honorary member of the “Progresul Silvic” Society, Prahova branch (1992), and an honorary member of the General Association of Romanian Engineers and of the Ministry of Water, Forests, and Environmental Protection (1996).

Elisabeta Rizea – anti-communist partisan in the Făgăraș Mountains

Elisabeta‘s husband was part of an anti-communist guerrilla group. For this reason, she was providing food and supplies for the group. On the night of June 18, 1949, members of Arsenescu’s group were ambushed by troops of the Securitate. She was arrested for aiding the partisan group, beaten, and taken to Pitești Prison, where she was held for 18 months before being put on trial, and sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment. It didn‘t stop her and after being released from prison they continue to provide food and information for the group. Luck was not on her side, and she was put in prison again.

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Author: Emilija Lideikytė

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