Youth Center Promotion In Highschool

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Today members of my organization and I visited high school children. We imagine ourselves and what we do. We introduced what Erasmus Plus and European Solidarity Corps are. The volunteers told us what we do and why we are in Romania. We talked what youth exchanges are.

The Resita Youth Center is a space created by international volunteers of the associations NevoParudimos and Volunteering for All in order to bring young Resita closer to the concepts of volunteering, intercultural socialization and non-formal education.

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The Youth Center was designed exclusively by young volunteers who came to Resita from all over Europe and is a unique space for socializing, learning new things, civic involvement and, last but not least, fun.

Our vision is to offer young people from the local community the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, the center’s mission being to encourage young people to explore their full potential through volunteering and civic involvement.

It was a lot of fun. Many young people were interested in our offer. We offer them to spend their daily routine differently and in a special way. What could be better than spending time with people who are from another country and have a different culture. We offer them unforgettable experiences and opportunities.

We have different activities and workshops every day. Every Friday we do a language cafe. We share our experiences with each other. We learn new things and have fun. 5 days a week are total activities. All activities are different and interesting. Young people can learn more about astrology. Learn to draw, embroidery, print, IT, music, and art. We share everything with each other, everything we know and what we do not know.

Author: Tebea Jikidze

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