Learning through play and interaction

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Kindergarten, which is also called pre-school, is a place where parents usually leave their kids while they are busy at work. But rarely do people realize what kind of benefits and crucial effects it influences in the development of children. I have visited one of kindergartens in Resita and have seen for myself how important is pre-school in the development of children.

Generally, most all of us had an experience of being in kindergarten. Some could be placed there from early childhood until primary schools, some could be involved less depending on personal situation. For example, I have not been in pre-school for a desired longer period of time due to health problems. However, this is a time when the kids get to know the world apart from what they see at home. They are appearing in a small real society. Starting new acquaintances with their “peers” of the same age and group “teachers” they learn a world in a new way of active socialization. Kindergartens become a setting stone in the process of kids’ educational journey.

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In Resita, I visited DirectiaCrese Resita where my fellow volunteer MonyaTalhaouiChoaibi works. The atmosphere there is very healthy, secure and full of fun and learning. All the kids are being looked after, the games and materials provided fulfill the needed learning processes to take place for kids.

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Personally, it was fascinating to see how all of children manage to interact with each other, how they absorb and grasp information about a world by exploring the games, other children around them and even expressing their emotions. In fact, all the activities are not only directed on discovering the environment but also allow kids to develop their physical coordination skills.

I was wondering what this experience means for Monya herself – what is in her opinion important about her work and what value does her involvement bring to kids? Here is how she sees it: “I feel I am useful to them because I am providing for them a safe attachment. Their mom is not with them but they can still feel safe emotionally and be themselves, they can still explore the world safely.I think it is important because the paradigms you learn the first five years of your life will determine your future, so we want them to be able to learn some basic human attitudes in life that could take them far away. The main work for us is to tell stories, to promote their creativity, basically we have to help them to keep dreaming. If we could do that for them, is more than enough.

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Indeed, by providing a full learning and interactive support for children since early childhood we ensure a more self-esteemed, emotionally and socially developed growth later. Kindergartens are one of those environments that provide with learning tools in a playful pleasant manner. I also believe it is quite beneficial to involve international volunteers in such activities that can bring little pieces of another culture with their involvement.

Author: Anastasiia Zhmankova

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