The worldwide problem – Homelessness


Nowadays there is a stereotype about homeless people, that they are dirty, smelly, bad-looking people, often even alcoholics. Of course, some of them might look like this. But you would be surprised how many homeless people you wouldn’t recognize in the street. A large part of them still tries to look pretty good, take a shower. At the moment they justdon‘t have a place where to live.

Homelessness in the world is a common, and a big problem. It is estimated around 150 million people worldwide are homeless – around 2% of the global population. But, of course, the number could be higher, because it’s very hard to get exact statistics about it.

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Homeless people usually live in cars or sleep in public places, such as railways, bus stations, etc. There are social services and shelters, where they can ask for help and short accommodation too. But not all of them want to ask for help. Homeless people often are ashamed of their problems.

People who have lost relatives, family members, or relationships with them have a high chance to become homeless – because they have no emotional or financial support when they are in trouble. Also, those who have a weaker ability to deal with difficulties. They are often raised in foster homes or in unsafe families.

The homeless population in Romania is estimated 14,000 to 15,000 people (FEANTSA, 2012). The capital Bucharest has approximately 6,000 homeless people, including 1,000 children.

If a person with financial or other difficulties were noticed and received more support from both state institutions and neighbors, acquaintances, some of the problems might be solved faster or at least not deepened. Poor or homeless people in society tend to be blamed for laziness or lack of skills, but I think it is worth mentioning that even having a job does not guarantee a person’s ability to support themselves fully.

If you are seeing a homeless person in the street, asking for money, don‘t be afraid to go to them. At least for a talk. They are also human beings, who want attention, to feel cared for. Among the homeless, you may meet very interesting people with a lot of stories of their lives. Like this, you could brighten their day, and maybe help.

Author: Emilija Lideikytė

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