Benefits of silence

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Do you remember the last time when you were in complete silence? The world these days is full of sounds. Our lifestyle is surrounded by it. We are waking up with the alarm, on the streets we hear people talking, cars, in our free time we like to listen to music. It can be tiring, and then we need to rest in silence. But did you know, that silence can be not just about getting rest? Silence has more benefits too!

Research has shown that silence help you make better decisions

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Silence can help you to analyze your decision in more detail. When there are no other distractions, you are focusing on one particular thing. People can make smarter decisions after meditating for just 15 minutes. If you are not into meditation, at least take breaks between work, meetings. Try to find some time alone, focus on your inner thoughts and ignore what’s going on around you. It’s fine to let your mind wander.

Your view of the world changes

When you become comfortable with silence you view the world in a different way. It becomes easier for you to appreciate your surroundings and interact with them differently. By being silent or embracing the silence you are able to be more aware of what is going on around you and observe the world better.

Silence can help you to learn things

Researches shows, that learning something new in silence can help you to learn it faster and in better quality. It makes you concentrate better. I bet you can tell this even from your own experience. Noise doesn’t make you to perform good in learning process.

Overall, it will make you happier

When you are in silence or solitude, you are able to go within yourself and examine yourself. Why this is important? If you are resisting the silence you might have something that needs to be released from your inside. And you can release it with help of silence. You can just sit and reflect what’s bothering you. This will make you happier!

Author: Emilija Lideikytė

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