Children’s Day As A National Holiday

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This day has been celebrated in many countries since 1950 and is a reminder that the state has a responsibility to ensure the well-being of every child, including the exercise of their right to life and health, access to education and adequate living conditions.

Child Protection Day also has its own flag, which is recognized by more than 30 countries around the world. It is a green flag with the earth in the center and 5 different colored human figures around it.

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Mass, entertainment and cultural events are organized for children in different countries on this day. On Children’s Day, they especially try to help orphanages, children with special needs, homeless, needy families, large families.

Children’s Day In Romania

Many schools have special events to celebrate Children’s Day in Romania. Some teachers give out certificates as a way of showing their appreciation for each child on this day. Community events, including art exhibitions displaying children’s work, are held to celebrate Children’s Day. Children’s Day is also promoted through newspapers, blogs, social media, television, and radio journalists in Romania. Some families have special dinners to celebrate Children’s Day at home.

Children’s Day is not just an event in Romania, it is also celebrated in many different countries and is an official UN global observance. The Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection held a special Children’s Day celebration in 2012. Nearly 100 elementary and secondary school children who attended the event received a Minister of Children diploma. Parents and grandparents were also at the celebration.

Children’s Day in Romania became a national holiday in 2017.

Author: Tebea Jikidze