Tips To Travel In One Of The Most Beautiful Cities

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I felt very safe during my time in Romania. Everyone was friendly and I even felt safe walking at night Brasov is an affordable city with some real bargains to be found on accommodation. There are a few backpacker hostels as well as plenty of hotels, guesthouses and self-catering apartments.

There are plenty of activities in Brasov from exploring the history and ancient architecture, hiking up to the Brasov sign and visiting ‘Dracula’s Castle’.

I spent my first day in Braşov exploring the Old Town. You can easily see Braşov in a day before spending your second day on a day trip to Dracula’s Castle.

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Visiting Rope Street is a popular thing to do in Brasov because it holds an impressive title: the smallest alleyway in the country and one of the smallest in Europe.

This modest cobbled alleyway is famed for its measurements: 111cm at its thinnest point.

Its purpose? Allowing thoroughfare to firefighters accessing the main streets on either side.

Visiting Dracula’s Castle is easily one of the best things to do around Brasov. It’s 30km from the city and takes about 30 minutes to arrive by road.

Although Bram Stoker never actually visited, it’s the fictional setting for his Dracula novel based on the real-life Romanian ruler, Vlad Tepes. Due to the gruesome ways he defeated his enemies, he earned the nickname ‘Vlad the Impaler’. Not someone you’d want to mess with!

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If Bran and Rasnov didn’t satisfy your castle quota, take a trip to Peles Castle. Although it’s a 1.5 hour drive from Brasov, it’s worth it to explore Romania’s most beautiful castle (at least according to some!).

Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains near the town of Sinaia, this Neo-Renaissance castle was built for the Romanian Royal Family. It’s well preserved inside and out, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.

Even in popular Transylvanian towns like Sibiu and Sighișoara, there’s little in the way of nightlife. Restaurants are atmospheric with holidaymakers in the summer but things don’t go on late.

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While a history lesson might not seem like a direct Romanian travel tip, I think it’s important. Romania is still recovering from a history of communism, dictatorship and corruption and subsequently has one of the highest migration rates in Europe because there are simply better opportunities overseas. I hope that will change.

Author: Tebea Jikidze

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