The Main Treasure of Romanian Culture

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When I arrived in Romania the first thing I heard was Romanian traditional music. I remember the volunteers had a party and danced to Romanian music. This music is very different from the music of my country, but they still have something in common.

Romanian music is as varied and surprising as Romania’s multicultural heritage. From classical music to funky jazz and Balkan-influenced rhythms, Romanian musicians embrace a diversity of styles and genres, often reinterpreting traditional themes in their compositions.

In this article I want to talk about some Romanian musicians.

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George Enescu (19th of August 1881, in Liveni, Botoşani – 4th of May 1955, Paris) is considered the most important Romanian musician. He was a composer, a violinist, a teacher, a pianist and a conductor, a complex and brilliant artistic personality.

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The National Museum “George Enescu” was opened in the Cantacuzino Palace, one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest, a historical monument and one of the European Heritage Label buildings.

One of the most famous Romanian conductors of the 20th century, Sergiu Celibidache (1912-1996) started playing the piano at an early age, proving his outstanding talent that ultimately led him to pursue a course in music in Berlin during the difficult times of the Second World War. His career spans over 50 years, during which he conducted over 400 concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Berlin and further performances with the Scala Orchestra of Milan, the Radio Orchestra of Stuttgart, the National Orchestra of Paris, London Philharmonic Orchestra, and numerous collaborations in Sweden and Denmark, all bringing him a great number of European awards.

Maria Tanase remains an iconic figure on Romania’s music scene to this day. A folklore singer with an unmistakable voice and tonality, Tanase gained fame and appreciation in the 1930s, and quickly rose to stardom, becoming a living legend for her unmistakable, assertive voice.

Folk music is the oldest form of Romanian musical creation, characterized by great vitality. Folk music of Romania is the defining source of the cultured musical creation. Conservation of Romanian folk music has been aided by a large and enduring audience, and by numerous performers who helped propagate and further develop the folk sound. One of them, Gheorghe Zamfir is famous throughout the world today.

Autor: Tebea Jikidze

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