Romania is Going to Use More Nuclear Resources

nuscale power

In November in Ireland, at COP26, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis launched a civilian nuclear project with John Kerry, the United States’s special climate envoy. Thanks to this agreement, Romania could become the first country in the EU to have electricity supplied by small modular reactors (SMR), produced by the American company NuScale Power.

So far, only Russia has started its own, on the Siberian coast. In Romania, the NuScale plant, which will manufacture twelve modules, is due to open in 2028. The result: 3,000 Romanian and American jobs.

Nuclear power now represents 18% of Romania’s energy mix. The country has two Candu-type reactors (650 MW) in operation at the Cernavodă plant. Interrupted in 1991, the construction of two new reactors on the same site was reactivated last year, again with the Americans.

The agreement also allows Romania to facilitate its exit from coal, announced for 2032. While promoting its action for the climate by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. And while waiting for Brussels to decide whether or not to make nuclear energy green.

Currently in Romania the electricity is coming for 15% by the coal and by 21% natural gas.

Author : Paul Lesouef