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Explorare Urbana Resita – a treasure hunt project by Ioana Ciolea with the support of Fundatia Comunitara Banatul in frame of “Granturi Resita 250 de ani de foc nestins”. It is an urban exploration initiative to involve locals and tourists in discovering new places in industrial part of the city. The new and fun way to see what beautiful places Resita has been hiding for us.

The main idea of this treasure hunt is to engage people in walking and exploring their city outside of everyday routine by finding the clues from the photo hints, to make participants see the usual places with a “fresh eye” and notice a beauty in small details like house windows, sculptures and monuments.

A project creator Ioana Ciolea says: “For me, this town seems like an endless exploration, because I’m very interested in architecture and industry, and I found Resita to be one of the greatest industrial point in history of Romania.” She also mentions that it’s good that people can just take a walk and document small details of the city since “many of the surroundings we see todaymight be gone or changed tomorrow”. These images will later be some sort of digital archive of Resita. “In this archive I wanted to see that a town can be visited outside of the “popular” or attractive tourist’s spots, which may or not be in this town.”

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To be involved in the game, you need to borrow a package from Nevo Parudimos and Muzeul Cineastului Amator which contains photo clues and map extracts with red dots which correspond to photograph location in Resita. Each time you find a location – take a picture of it together with a card from an envelope. Later, when you find these photo clues in the city – you make a post in your Instagram account using the following hashtags: #explorareurbanaresita #fundatiacomunitarabanatulmontan #resita250. First 30 lucky hunters who find at least 15 locations and post it to their Instagram will receive a personalized T-shirt with Resita. The deadline for the contest is 30th November 2021.

As a foreign person that came to Romania a month ago, it is an amazing opportunity to discover the city’s soul and spirit outside raw facts from Internet. From my personal view, I felt really excited doing this treasure hunt. Imagine, you are walking with your map like a true explorer, trying to find missing pieces. You open your mind and look at the town differently, you don’t take the same path as usual, you give attention to each tiny detail. For me, it’s also a great chance to have a connection with local people. There were some nice Resita people who do not hesitate to help you find a needed location. Searching for a clue, you actually start seeing how people are living, what is their daily routine, culture and customs. It’s a valuable experience which helps you understand people and learn something from them. Funny to mention, but for me it’s also a nice little practice of Romanian – you have to find the words to communicate.

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I strongly recommend to participate in this game – it opens up new things about Resita in a playful and non-standard way. If you need more information about the project – you can find details on Instagram page of the project

Autor: Anastasia Zhmankova

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