My Experience, from Georgia To Romania

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It all started with the fact that since childhood I wanted to live far away from my country. It all was not as simple as I thought. And now I’m in Romania, in one of the small towns of Resita. I have only been here for 2 weeks. I visit the city, meet new people and travel to different cities in Romania. Everything here is very different from my country. People are also very different, traditions and daily routine are completely different. I like being here. Because I like that people are very warm and loving.

Resita is a small town. A few days ago a new pub opened here. My friends and I went and really liked this place. I think this city needs a lot of places like that because young people don’t have a lot of opportunities to have fun. We went to Timisoara. This city is completely different from the city where I live.

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I like Resita, it is a quiet and small town. I wanted to live in such a small town because I was born and raised in a big city. This is a kind of challenge for me. Gradually I get used to living in this city. It is much harder for me because I have a noisy and chaotic life.

Surrounding places, lakes, forests, this nature is beautiful.

My friends ask me how I live from a big city to a small town. It’s hard for me or not, but as I have already mentioned, I perceive all of this as a great life experience and that is why I like being here.

I want to help the young people living here to get to know themselves better and have fun.

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I wanted to briefly tell you my story of what I went through before I arrived in Romania. It was a great way, lots of paperwork, waiting for a visa, a long flight and a tiring trip. But now I’m here and I’m writing this article from Romania. I want this to be a motivation for all young people who want to experience this feeling at least once in their lives and live abroad.

Autor: Tebea Jikidze