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Last weekend I had a chance to visit Craiova and one of the most popular places in the city – Craiova’s art museum. These days you can see a temporary exhibition there. It is made by Constantin Brâncuși, Călin Dan, Anish Kapoor, Paul Neagu, CiprianMureșan, RomeloPervolovici.

“The exhibition is conceived from a series of episodes, the meaning of which is the reorientation of the folkloric-nationalist vision, dominant in the local space, towards a discourse adapted to contemporary thinking.”

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The name of exhibition has very specific name. Translated from French it means “Marcel’s thigh”.

My favorite one – RomeloPervolovici – Baigneuse (2021) – bust of a woman was impressive. It seemed it is a difficult statue to make, which with shadows created filled space.

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LA CUISSE DE MARCEL is available to visit till 20th of February 2022, from Wednesday to Sunday, between 10.00 – 17.00.

You can find more information on official museum’s website:

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Author: Emilija Lideikytė