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Would you like to become an active youth person? Do you have ideas to implement or would like to master some skills? Then you should join our Youth Center!

Centrul de Tineret Resita is a space that was created back in 2018 by the international volunteers of the local association NevoParudimos and Volunteering for All Associations. Its purpose is to get local young people familiar with the concept of volunteering, solidarity and non-formal education, to involve in hosted activities and to motivate to help the local community.

Currently we have estimately 20 international volunteers from different countries and about 6 local volunteers. All of them are involved in organizing different activities and workshops depending on personal and professional background, they are willing to share some experience in the field they are specializing in. The vision of the youth center is to encourage local youth to participate in the extracurricular activities that will help to develop personal skills as well as to broaden horizons and meet new people with the intercultural mindset.

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The mission of the center is to promote an idea of volunteering to young people.They can explore their full potential and talents through involvement in community service.For example, for several months we have ongoing activities in Theater acting, Mental Health, Book Club, Cooking and Language Cafes. Also, we have workshops and tournaments within partner Cinema and Videogame museums. Activities are quite fun and interactive, especially thanks to connecting with different people. This is very important in learning process because only by communication, discussing different set of views and ideas, seeing another person’s perspective helps us to get a full picture and understand another culture and mentality.

The other important aspect is that if you have your own personal idea about hosting any interesting activity or a workshop, some skills and knowledge that you would like to share with people – you are more than welcome to implement your initiative in our youth center. All you need is passion, willingness and motivation! Moreover, if you need any materials or “inventory” to provide for organizing the activity – our center is ready to support you with needed stuff. Just don’t be shy and address your interest to us!

We are waiting for you! You can come to our youth center daily from 5 to 7 PM on Monday to Thursday and on Fridays from 5 to 7 PM join us in Atelier café downtown. Here is also a link to our Facebook page where you can find a schedule of events for the month. If you hve any questions – feel free to send us a message on Facebook or Instagram on of Nevo Parudimos page

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