In France, The Number of COVID-19 Cases is Growing Despite More Than 75% of People being Vaccination

emanuel macron

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, spoke in a televised address on Tuesday, November 9, about the “fifth wave” of the COVID-19 epidemic which is currently affecting France and Europe.

This is the question of COVID-19 and a possible fifth wave that has been addressed: “We have not finished”, recalls the president before announcing a third dose, mandatory from December 15 for seniors over 65, in order to keep the pass valid.

France count 12.500 news contamination on the 9th of November, with an average on the last 7 days of 8.800 contamination. The country of 66 million inhabitants count 119.000 death due to the covid since the beginning of the pandemic, and more than 7.320.000 contamination.

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In the same speech, the French president announced the development of the nuclear industries and the cancelling about the pension reform, a topic which divided the country since more than 2 years.

Author : Paul Lesouef