Happy Friday the 13th!

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We all know the superstition that the 13th day of the month if it is on a Friday, is unlucky. This is the most famous superstition in the world. Some people started to have a fear of this specific date, which nowadays is called paraskevidekatriaphobia. But where did this superstition come from?

The superstition of fear of Friday the 13th appeared and spread only at the end of19th century and – the beginning of the 20th century. Until then, the Fridays on the 13th day of the month were not considered anything exceptional. It is true that in the Western world, the number 13 was previously considered an unfortunate number, and Friday was an unfortunate day. Eventually, these two superstitions were simply merged into one. The fear of the number “13” in Western culture is believed to have its roots in Christianity. The last supper was attended by Jesus and 12 apostles. One of whom, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus.

There was a belief in Christianity that Judas was the “thirteenth.” As a result, Christians began to believe that if 13 people sat at a table, one of them would become a traitor. It is also believed that if 13 people take some action together, it will fail. People began to avoid the number 13 marked rooms in hotels, places on trains, and so on.

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Many people think that this day is bad to do activities such as writing letters, visiting a doctor, doing business work, or starting something new because it is an “unfortunate day”. Some people believe that a child who is born on Friday would not succeed in life.

In some other cultures, people are afraid of other days. For example, in Spanish-speaking countries it is believed that the unlucky day is when the 13th of the month attacks not on Friday, but when it occurs on Tuesday. And, the Italians are afraid of Friday, not when it is the 13th of the month, but when it is the 17th of the month. While the fear of Friday the 13th has no scientific basis, it also brings benefits. Dutch researchers have estimated there are slightly fewer accidents on Friday, the 13th, than on other Fridays because people drive more carefully.

According to sources, Friday the 13th fear is the most common superstition of the 21st century in America. Donald Dossey, a psychotherapist who is trying to help people suffering from incomprehensible fears, says there are currently about 21 million people in the United States who believe in this superstition.

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