We need to escape the room!

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I am sure many of you heard about the escape rooms. These quests are quite popular nowadays in the whole world. Let’s see what we need to know about them, especially in this spooky period of time.

Escape rooms are thematic quests where in a certain amount of time you need to find hidden clues that will help you to get out of the locked room. You are put in the teams of about 5-6 people, usually you participate with your friends or colleagues. Themes are quite different, starting from horror movie-like ones and more logical ones, depends on your taste and interest – the list can go on and on.

Mostly it is considered that escape rooms originated in Japan. The concept itself transformed from a computer game “Crimson Rush” (2004) by Toshimitsu Takagi. The main idea resembles todays live escape rooms – there you had to solve the clues to get out of the trap. It consisted of 23 steps to complete the mission. The first live escape room was built in 2007 by the company SCRAP with creator Takao Kato that was aiming for creating an immersive game where players have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to get out of the room.

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Successful escape requires you to solve all the challenging puzzles and riddles that will lead you to the final clue or key out. The clues can be hidden anywhere – under the rug, inside the books or shelves – you have to use your imagination, creativity and teamwork to make it possible to escape. It is an amazing way to be involved in interactive adventures and be immersed in a totally different world. To forget about everything else and spend an hour with your fellow teammates using your logics and creativity to “solve the puzzle”.

Reșița is not an exclusion to this. On 28th of October the volunteers of the Centrul de Tineret Nevo Parudimos came up with their escape room dedicated to Halloween theme. This event is free and much fun so do not hesitate and register for this event. Open this link and pick an hour when you would like to go. We are waiting for you – don’t get spooky shy!

Autor: Anastasia Zhmankova