Christmas donation campaign

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Last week the volunteers of Nevo Parudimos Association and Volunteering for All Association (VPT) organisation shave visited primary schools and kindergartens in Dealul Mare, Mociur and Țerova to wish the kids Merry Christmas.

Christmas time is usually associated with something magical– the time when your wishes come true and miracles happen. The warm atmosphere all around with the decorations, merry and bright vibes and carols take us away from everyday routine and give us more hope and mood to dream. Especially, the kids are the happiest ones about this time of the year that has finally come.

So, the ESC volunteers from the two organizations together with the teachers of Grădinița PP Semenic Reșița wanted to make this precious moment possible and donated Christmas presents. Over 130 kids and students of kindergartens and primary schools from Dealul Mare, Mociur and Țerova have received package of sweets and basic food for the students’ families.

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One of the Nevo Parudimos volunteers Nane Ispas has shared her impression of the campaign: „Going to Mociur to give some packages for kids brought me a lot of joy and also a lot of sadness. First of all, they prepared a special program with traditional carols, it was so nice. These were extremely authentic carols. All of them full of religious meaning. That was the point when I realized that Romania is an extremely religious countryand sadly,little kids have to focus on religious part of Christmas without mentioning Santa Claus or other traditions like this. Maybe because they know that Santa Claus is not coming even if they were naughty or nice, and the presents that they were receiving was something that they are not receiving so often. After all, everything was so nice – the joy of the little kids was so contagious and us realizing that we were able to bring a tiny sparkle of joy to their little hearts.”

More importantly, yes, it was nota one-way campaign – the kids had prepared a little performance for us. Personally, it was a blessing to see the kids being so happy in the moment, being so kind-giving and just happy to see us, the volunteers that usually come to these schools and kindegartens to host activities. Sometimes you don’t really need much to be happy – little miracles, caring for each other and unconditional love.

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Autor: Anastasia Zhmankova
Pictures: Paul Lesoeuf