Women In Aviation – My Own Experience

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Women have been involved in aviation from the beginnings of both lighter-than air travel and as airplanes, helicopters and space travel were developed.

Even though it is the twenty-first century, there is still the stereotype that the pilot should only be a man. This was happening a long time ago and continues again. I was born and raised in Georgia, my family members told me that a woman’s place was not in aviation and I was not strong enough to become a pilot. 2 years later, I proved it to them and now I am studying at one of the best aviation universities in Europe and I am a female pilot.

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I want to break this stereotype and tell all young girls and women that if you want something with all your heart, you should not be stopped by the fact that you are a woman. Women are stronger, often even stronger than men.

Imagine how it feels when you hear every day that you are a woman and because of that you can’t become what you want most. Your family and friends do not take all this seriously and joke that you will never become a pilot. 1 year ago I proved to them that I can become a pilot and serve my country the way men do it, or better yet.

I want it all to be a motivation for you to do what you want. This is not just about aviation, this is about all the professions that women seem to be unable to learn.

So go girls, we can break down this gender inequality and be an example to other girls.

Autor: Tebea Jikidze