The Most Famous Ethnic Groups in The World


In today’s article I want to introduce you information about different ethnic groups around the world.

Let’s start with Maasai people

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The Maasai is an ethnic group with about one million members living in Kenya and Tanzania. They are a nomadic people of shepherds who live in huts called “multatas” made of mud, straw and bricks made from animal waste.They speak a dialect called “Maa” and are characterized by the appearance of large holes in the ears, which are made into growths in adolescence.


Avars is an ethnic group that has two national representations in Ecuador and Colombia. They speak the Appian language. They have a population of about 13 thousand and are dedicated to agriculture, fishing and livestock. Their clothes are currently Western.


It is a peculiar tribe.Their language is simple and strange; Although they do not have words to describe the tenses of numbers, colors or verbs and have only 8 consonants, they can communicate perfectly.

They are a tribe who are less interested in other cultures, they have no religion or have developed artistic manifestations such as painting or sculpture. They live by fishing and only deal with existing problems without thinking about the future. They have no collective memory, no myths, and do not know how to add or count.

The Urus

They are an ethnic group living on about 80 floating islands in Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia. They were forced to build these floating islands to avoid war with the Incas, who exiled them from their original lands. Their way of life is primitive; Men are responsible for hunting and fishing, while women are responsible for raising children and preparing food. They have wonderful rituals to celebrate the earth.


They are a Tibetan-Burmese ethnic minority living in refugee camps in southern Burma and northern Thailand. In 1990, they were recognized as refugees as a result of operations by the Burmese government army.

Karen is best known for their wife’s habit of stretching her fingers around her neck. They have one chief, who is usually the eldest in the tribe and who has full authority. They apply for mediation for marriage and the normal age of marriage is 25 years.Funerals are a joyous celebration because according to their traditions, the soul should be happy towards a new life.


The Celts were a group of tribal communities related to each other by the same language, religion, and similar culture that developed in Iron Age and medieval Europe. The development of Celtic culture began in 1200 BC. And it spread to the British Isles, Spain, France and other parts of Europe.

Currently “Celtic” refers to the descendants of this culture, which has spread to 7 European regions and which have preserved their language, folklore and gastronomy. The Celtic League is a league of 7 nations that retains Celtic cultural roots.

Burusho People

The Burusho or Brusho, also known as the Hunza people or Botraj, live in Hunza, Nagar, Chitral, and in valleys of Gilgit–Baltistan in northern Pakistan, with a smaller group of around 350 Burusho people residing in Jammu and Kashmir, India as well. Their language, Burushaski, has been classified as a language isolate.

Jewish People

Jewish ethnicity is defined by its origins, religion, culture and traditions. The Jews are said to be the people of Judah, and Jewish law provides for Jews to be converted only to those who are born to Jewish parents, and to those who are under Halachaic supervision or to a special court with a three-day judge or judge converting to Judaism.

Although they were IDPs, the current Jewish population is between 12 and 15 million, and they are characterized by the preservation of language, traditions and religion, wherever they may be.

There are 3 Jewish ethnic groups:

Ashkenazi: Jews from Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia whose languages are Yiddish.
Sephardim: Jews from Spain and Portugal. Their language is Ladino, a Castilian language.
Misraji: They are Jews from the communities of the Middle East, mainly Yemen, Iraq and Iran.

Ethnic signs are a group of people or a community that has a number of characteristics- genetic, historical, religious, cultural, linguistic. There are dozens of types of ethnic groups on every continent, each with its own customs and special physical characteristics.

Author: Tebea Jikidze

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