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We had a very interesting activity at our center last week by one of the volunteers, Busra. This activity was a human library. With this article I will try to explain what it is.

The Human Library concept is of a library that lends people rather than books. The ‘Books’ are people who have experienced prejudice, social exclusion or stigma, and they are ‘borrowed’ by ‘Readers’ who can ask any question they like, to both learn about the other person and also challenge their own prejudices.

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The idea is simple and intuitive and is based on the notion that one-to-one conversations will allow a personal experience of sharing, questioning and reflection that can radically shift perceptions. People who have taken part in these events elsewhere have reported that they can be profound experiences for all concerned.

When you enter the library, you will see a list of human ‘books’ that are available. You can discuss the process with the librarians, and arrange to borrow someone. You will be introduced to your ‘book’, the guidelines read out, and you will be left to have a conversation. After your session ends, you can choose to borrow another ‘book’ if you wish. Come and browse our human catalogue.

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There were people known and unknown to us on this activity. We talked about their lives. This is very much appreciated because it is difficult when a person who is a complete stranger to you shares his/her life.

It is difficult for me personally to share important moments of my life with a complete stranger.

This activity was very good and exciting. I think such activities are very rare in Romania and especially in Resita.

Author: Tebea Jikidze

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