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Nowadays, science is very advanced. Medicine is capable to overcome even very serious diseases. And, these years showed us how fast they were able to help the world by inventing the Covid vaccine. But have you know that even you can help science, by donating your body after death?

You can donate your body to universities. For medical students, it‘s very important to study very hard, to know and remember a lot of things. And the best way for them to learn about the human body is to see it in reality.

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There is a lack of bodies to help students to learn. Even doctors need to supplement their knowledge from time to time. It‘s because there are still just a few people who decide to make such a gift for the future. And, of course, there‘s a lack of information about this possibility too.

The Catholic Church supports the gift of the body to science. The pope said this is a very good thing, and more modern priests agree. The Orthodox view on this is not very clear, Islam is against it.

Protestant Lutherans view the gift of the body most favorably. Where Protestants predominate, the best situation for donation is in the Netherlands, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, and Britain.

People who donate their bodies for scientific purposes are of different ages and education. The average age is 60-70 years. Sometimes people who are willing to give their body for science also visit the places where the body will go.

The main thing is the desire to be useful after death. Many people want to thank the doctors in this way. Especially if they have had or are suffering from a serious illness and have been greatly helped or helped by doctors. They understand that the medical profession is very important, honorable.

In some EU countries, the “implicit consent to donation” model is enshrined in law – if a person has not objected to a donation, consent to the use of organs for transplantation is deemed to exist.

Author: Emilija Lideikytė

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